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situation chocolat Bebecar presents its latest and fantastic Magic collection, made with leatherette details and   high quality "Panamá Magic" fabrics, which contain a special anti-stain treatment. Thanks to its finish composed of billions of nanofilms, stains do not penetrate the outer fabric*, allowing it to maintain its initial characteristics for everyday use and even after washing. Thus, light colours are no longer a problem and your Magic collection product will always remain with a fantastic look.
The “Panamá Magic” fabric prevents the penetration of stains not only with a fixed film on the fabric, but over billions of nanofilms.

The great advantage offered by this fabric is revealed the long-term, since the repellent effect against stains does not lose its characteristics during use.

This fabric can be compared with a flexible shield, of active breathing, comprising billions of individual components








Suitable from birth to 4 years old.
Compact telescopic folding chassis with easily removable wheels.
Easy lock swivel wheel system operated from one touch of a button without the need to touch the wheel.
Ajustable handle heigh with multipe possitions.
"Wheel System" mechanism which includes ball bearings for a smooth ride and prolongs the life of the tyres.
"Rolling System" mechanism for ease of opening and closing the chassis.
"Easylock" system which allows to attach and remove easily the carrycot .The pushchair seat with a single movement.
New easy to use linked brakes on rear wheels
Two position adjustable rear suspention system for a smooth and comfortable ride as baby grows
Folding carrycot with integrated and adjustable air ventilation base system, with a three positions back rest recline ,a detachable and washable liner, padded mattress and a rigid handle making it easy to carry ,
Reversable pushchair seat to allow the all importanteye contact between parent and baby in the early months.
Substantially padded lie flat seat unit with a four position back recline and four position foot rest
Compatible with the optional graco car seat 0/22 lbs with BÉBÉCAR adapter.

em624 M628 M631


 Ip-Op evolution white chassis in fabric


M524 Magic collection


Ipp-Op évolution châssis blanc

Magic M628
Ip-Op évolution châssis chrome gris

Magic M631
M636 M638 M639
Ip-Op évolution châssis noir

Magic M636
Ip-Op évolution châssis chrome

Magic M638
Ip-Op châssis chrome blanc

Magic M639


Ip-Op châssis blanc

Magic M642
Ip-Op évolution châssis chrome

Magic M643
Ip-Op évolution châssis beige

Magic M644
 M645 M648   

Ip-Op évolution châssis gris

Magic M645

Ip-Op évolution châssis beige

Magic M648